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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Just for Today

Author: Unknown

I will take a good look at myself and see that I have many addictive and compulsive traits that have become dominant in my life. I am at the mercy of these traits and unable to manage them. Seeing this, I admit that I need help.

I will acknowledge the presence of a Power greater than myself who has created me, is aware of all my needs and is fully capable of healing me and restoring me to a condition of clarity and stability. This power is God as I choose to understand God.

I will let go of the inclination to figure out my problems with my mind. No more analyzing…no more questioning. I now make a conscious decision to turn my life and my will over to the care and keeping of God. I surrender the thinking that tells me I must “run my own show” and make my own life happen. I am ready to be a transformed (changed) person, beginning now.

I will release the past, letting go of my guilt or regrets about what happened “back then.” Finding fault or blaming myself and/or others keeps me stuck in the past.

I will forgive myself and others for the way we’ve been. I realize that our actions have arisen out of fear and insecurity. I now allow myself and others to “be.” I no longer pass judgment on our lives, our chosen paths or our patterns of growth.

I will drop all anxiety about the future. I will live this day with as much joy, trust, and serenity as I can, realizing that this day is all I can handle.

I will let go of my tendencies to be dependent on persons, possessions, and patterns to fulfill me. I recognize that these things are only a temporary part of my existence and cannot provide the lasting security, inner peace, or true freedom that I yearn to experience on a daily bases.

I will take responsibility for all aspects of my life: my choices, my feelings, my physical and mental health, my spiritual well-being, my paths of growth and the principles and values by which I live.

I will utilize all the energies within me that contribute to the betterment of my life and to the lives of others (e.g. expressing honesty, integrity, and kindness). To all else, I firmly say, “No, thank you.”

I will thank God for the opportunity to be set free from old attitudes and behavior patterns that prevent me from moving in the direction of my needed healing.

I will willingly share with others the wisdom, peace, and strength I have received through this program.

I will go forth into this day with enthusiasms, believing in my own value and worthiness, and with the determination to enjoy this day and give it my positive best, come what may.
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