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Sunday, March 23, 2008

By Following the 12 Steps (ACA)

Author: Unknown

1. We are courageous in our efforts to overcome seemingly hopeless adversity.

2. We have tremendous strength or character as a result of our independence and early self-sufficiency.

3. We have learned through our trials to have patience and tolerance when we are shouldering our burdens, rarely shirking our responsibilities.

4. We are sincere and loving in a healing way, for those who pass through our lives.

5. We adapt easily and are sensitive to our surroundings and carry an uncanny sense of rightness in our actions.

6. We have the strength of our convictions, seldom wavering from the principles of rightness.

7. We embrace life fully, aware of its pain and ugliness, finding beauty and love in the ironies of life and our daily living.

8. We delight in the pleasure and are filled with childlike wonder, forever curious, carrying serendipity with us to discover with adolescent vigor.

9. We are steadfast friends and uncommonly good lovers.

10. We are accepting of the weaknesses of the human condition, knowing that from those weaknesses we gather our strengths together by sharing our humility.

11. We have gratitude and an unassuming dignity

12. We are the pathfinders in life, many times courageously exploring and stretching ourselves far beyond the norm, in our search for creative expression.

13. In our humility, we are puzzles when others look to use to utilize our strengths in roles of leadership, to provide a sense of direction when others lack purpose.

14. We are pillars and guiding lights and seldom lose our sense of direction in troubled times.

15. We are assertive in expressing our needs, desires, and thoughts.

16. We are unafraid of anger and criticism.

17. We recognize unreasonable behavior and depression as symptoms of our survival roles and part of the healing process. We grieve and rejoice to extremes when we discover the freedom from our past self-destructive survival roles.

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