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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Irrational Ideas

Source: Source: Fully Human Fully Alive, pp. 118-124, Powell, John. Publisher, Argus Communications, 1976

Common misconceptions that lead to anxiety and hostility

1. I must be loved and approved by everyone in my community, especially by those who are most important to me.

2. I must be perfectly competent, adequate, and successful in achieving before I can think of myself as worthwhile.

3. I have no control over my own happiness. My happiness is completely in the control of external circumstances.

4. My past experiences and the events of my life have determined my present life and behavior. Therefore, the influence of the past cannot be eradicated.

5. There is one right and perfect solution to each of my problems. If this is not found, it will be devastating for me.

6. Dangerous or fearsome things are causes for great concern. I must be prepared for the worst by constantly dwelling on and agonizing over the possible calamities.

7. I should be dependent on others and must have someone stronger than myself on whom I can rely.

8. If my life does not work out the way I had planned, it will really be terrible.

9. It is easier to avoid certain difficulties and responsibilities than to face them.

10. Some people are bad, wicked, and villainous. They should be blamed and punished.

11. One should become upset over the problems and disturbances of other people.

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